Dear 49,
Today, I went to one of many church services. Today, you went to your last.
Today, I worshipped God in peace. Today, you entered eternal peace.
Today, I didn’t fear for my life. Today, you have nothing left to fear.
Today, I had no threats made to my life for my worship of a holy God. Today, you worshipped a holy God DESPITE the threat to your life.
Today, I lazily worshipped God.
Today, you gave your all.
My heart doesn’t mourn for your deaths as usual. For I know there is HOPE. There is more beyond this life. Beyond that, I don’t mourn for your deaths as much as I mourn for the rest of us who are still alive.
I mourn for others like myself who are lax in our walk with Christ having never experienced persecution to the point of death.
I mourn because I struggle to follow God without a threat to my life.
I mourn because not enough of us know what’s happening there and other places in the world.
I mourn because we’ve got it too easy.
I mourn because I’m not sure we’ve got the courage you possessed.
Nevertheless, in the midst of the pain, I praise God for the lives you’ve lived. I praise God for the trails you’ve blazed for those coming behind you. I praise God because I’m certain you all prayed for the rest of us to KNOW Him. I praise God for the high honor of dying for His name. I praise God because you have run the race and have laid hold of the prize.
Rest well my brothers and sisters.
‘Til we meet.
This is to the 49 men and women who lost their lives in church bombings20170410001302767530-minihighres.jpg in Egypt on Palm Sunday. http://www.cnn.com/2017/04/09/middleeast/egypt-church-explosion/

Author: Darveiye

One of the most foolish yet sensible things a human can do is to believe that YHWH is real. Follow my blog: @sensiblefool

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