Torah is…

YAH’s Torah is freedom. It is peace. It is wholeness. It is unwritten.

YAH’s torah includes limitations that offensively protect/guard us as we go through the process toward wholeness.

Limitations will always feel/look like legalism and oppression if we’ve been oppressed.

If we have been oppressed, we are carrying weight. We are carrying weight if we have been oppressed.

This weight is a fear. It is a belief. It is a fear that says:

Something is being taken away from me.

It’s not safe.

I’m not loved.

This is devaluing me.

This is too much sacrifice.

I cannot trust.

I cannot give.

As long as we stay tethered to our foundation/fear/belief, we will never see fully the beauty of His Torah. For in it is found true freedom/trust.

As humans, we are wired to incline ourselves to truth.

In the same way that a plant bends toward sunlight, we desire/need truth (light, knowledge, validation, identity).

In a word, humans are born good. Good, but not complete.

It is not until humans are burdened with the weight of unsanctioned laws that we are tainted.

We are tainted when…

…our value is stripped.

…our voice is invalidated.

…we are taught to distrust ourselves.

…we are taught religion.

…law is imposed and extrinsic.

We are born good with the opportunity to interact with truth that we might become whole.

Truth is never meant to be imposed upon us. Truth is meant to be revealed in someone. It is to say, “This is who you are.” This idea can sound a bit new agey. But, it is foundational.

Many times, man looks at man’s good but incomplete nature and imposes ideology out of fear of what man can become. The stain or brokenness that we observe in ourselves and each other is not due to our natural-born nature. Instead, it is due to what is imposed.

We sin (fail), not because we are bad, but because we are carrying weight. Imposition of truth is incomplete and will not yield wholeness. It will only yield religion, resentment, fear, manipulation, control.

When we are handled according to our good nature, we begin to remove the weights and become whole.

You do not have to fear yourself.

You do not have to distrust yourself.

Author: Darveiye

One of the most foolish yet sensible things a human can do is to believe that YHWH is real. Follow my blog: @sensiblefool

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