The Danger of Dignity

Dignity: the quality or state of being worthy, honored, or esteemed; high rank, office, or position; a legal title of nobility or honor.

There is something so dangerous about dignity. If you’re like me, you’ve probably heard this word used a few times for certain situations. When someone is in danger of being excessively embarrassed or ridiculed, we say, “Let her keep her dignity.” In romantic relationships where the woman is making more money, she’s encouraged not to rub it in his face or announce it to others; for the sake of him “keeping his dignity.”

Please don’t misunderstand me. Those are simply examples of when this phrase is used. I am not for embarrassing or ridiculing someone.

I have come to learn dignity is quite stifling. We’ve all subconsciously created molds that exemplify ‘dignity’ to us; he who is independent, educated, and, successful. We tend to treat these sorts of people with greater respect and care; because they’re “worthy, of high rank, honorable.” Those are great things right? Maybe.

Granted, there is nothing wrong with being independent, educated, or successful.

What if I am not independent, educated, or successful? What if I don’t own a home or car? What if I’m not the sharpest, fastest, or brightest? What if I’m still in sin? What if I’m not popular or well liked? What if I’m homeless and jobless? What if I have a mental illness? What if I’m not confident, well-versed, or charismatic? Am I not “worthy, high ranking, honorable?”

The reality is that we see people through a lens. Subconsciously and quickly, we decide if this is a person “worthy” of respect, “high ranking” enough for our time, “honorable” enough for our investment. This is a huge problem.

The Bible says, “whoever finds their life will lose it, and whoever loses their life for My sake will find it (Matt 10:39).” This is Jesus speaking, giving an appropriate warning concerning valuing anything of this world more than relationship with Him. If I am so caught up in the things of this world and my identity is so found in it, I cannot and will not live for Christ.

My dignity will cost me my freedom. My dignity will keep me from seeing value in people. My dignity will keep me from humbling myself before a holy God. Everyone must lose their dignity in order to truly know God as Father, Lord, Savior, Master, Ruler, Redeemer, Creator.

We must lose our right to be honored.

We must lose our high rank.

We must lose the worthiness and glory.

We must cast off the crowns to truly see who He is.

When we see God for who He truly is our perception of ourselves and others will change and true transformation happens.


I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this and it has encouraged you!


Author: Darveiye

One of the most foolish yet sensible things a human can do is to believe that YHWH is real. Follow my blog: @sensiblefool

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